Undertake a dangerous journey into mysterious forbidden lands to reveal secrets of the legendary past, find the last pieces of gone magic, and gain bravery on your path in this exciting adventure of the cute little hero. The Little Brave is a 2D action-adventure metroidvania genre video game about a little hero by the name of Keely who decided to undertake a dangerous journey. This is an exciting adventure in which Keely will reveal the secrets of ancient legends, gain the bravery and strength on the path. Keely lives in a world in which a long time ago there was magic. But one day a terrible curse distorted the magical places. Keely dreams to undertake an adventure to discover the mystery of forbidden lands. Once fate gives him such a chance...

The tale of gone magic

In the distant past, there was magic in the world and brave wardens who have taken the oath to protect the places where the magic power was concentrated. But one of them, falling to envy and a thirst for power, wanted to get this magic for himself alone. With the help of a dark ritual, he obtained magic power but was cursed for the evil he had done. The magic was gone, the desolation and curse forever remained in forbidden lands.






Keely is a responsible and courageous boy. He dreams one day to undertake an adventure to discover the secrets of the first wardens past.

Weyka is Keely's younger sister and she often makes fun of him. She is a fidget and never sits in one place for a long time.

Viva, Agvid and Grai are the heroes from an old tales. They were the first who discovered places of power and then founded the Order of Wardens.

Everyone who is staying for a long time in forbidden lands is going mad and turning into cursed things.